Regulation of notifications through electronic means

Ministerial Resolution No. 176/24 of February 16, 2024 of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security (MTEPS).

The Resolution approves the Regulation of notifications through electronic means of the MTEPS, which aims to regulate the notifications of administrative acts and actions of such entity through electronic means.

The electronic notification is the act by which the user, responsible third party, legal representative of the company, or labor establishments of the private sector or public sector institutions are informed of the content of any administrative action or act issued by the MTEPS.

There are two types of electronic notification:

i) Manual: the public official performing the notification digitalizes the administrative action or act to be notified, proceeding to the manual filling of the data required for the record of the notification, by any of the electronic and telematic means established in the Regulation;

2) Automatic: carried out through the Virtual Procedures Office – OVT, the Procedures Management System – SGT, the Platform for Occupational Health and Safety Management Programs – PGSST or other platforms of the MTEPS.

In both types of notification, the time and date of sending must be recorded.

Electronic Notifications may be made by email or WhatsApp mobile application registered or indicated by the user.

This Resolution is effective as of February 16, 2024.