Labor Regulations Approved

1.     Supreme Decree No. 4928 of May 1, 2023

»  Purpose of the Decree:

i) Establishes the salary increase in the Private Sector, to be agreed between employers and employees with basis on a 3% raise, and applicable to all types of employment contracts.

ii) Establishes the new National Minimum Wage for both public and private sectors in Bs2,362, representing a 5% increase compared to the year 2022.

» Retroactive application:

i) The salary increase and National Minimum Wage will be retroactively applied as of January 1, 2023.

ii) The retroactive payment of the salary increase and implementation of the National Minimum Wage will be made until May 31 of the current year.

» Regulations:

The salary increase for the Private Sector and the implementation of the National Minimum Wage will be regulated by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

2. Supreme Decree No. 4927 of May 1, 2023

» Purpose of the Decree:

Regulates the paid-leave during Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, so that mothers and fathers can participate in commemorative activities and events in their honor.

  • Half-day paid-leave is established on May 27th (Mother’s Day) and March 19th (Father’s Day) of each year, applicable in both the public and private sectors.
  • In the private sector, the paid-leave is subject to the modalities and working hours of the entity and shall be coordinated with the Human Resources officer.
  • The paid-leave may be used during the business day before or after March 19th or May 27th in case these coincide with a Sunday.

3. Supreme Decree No. 4926 of May 1, 2023

» Purpose of the Decree:

Establishes the benefit of the Special Leave for Training and Professional Training.

Employees  who prove to be students at Universities, Higher Education Institutions of Vocational Training, Technical and Technological Institutes and Alternative Education Institutions, are entitled to a leave of absence of 2 hours per day and that time shall be compensated in the same working day, with the same amount of working hours as those received as leave (time not considered as overtime). The License may be requested again at the beginning of each semester or year, in accordance with the study regime.

» Requirements to enjoy the Leave:

i) More than 6 months of seniority in the company; and.
ii) Present the certificate of enrollment or certificate of regular student issued by the educational institution.

» For the continuation of the Leave:

i) Present the regular student certificate, on a semi-annual or annual basis;
ii) Pass at least 50% of the classes enrolled on a semester or yearly basis. If only one subject has been enrolled, it must be

» Suspension

  • The employee who has not complied with the conditions described above, shall be suspended the benefit of the leave of absence for one semester or one year, according to the study regime.
  • The leave may be requested again the following semester or year, according to the study regime.

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