Regulatory Alert – Long-Term Public Social Security Manager

As provided by D.S. No. 4585 of September 15, 2021, which establishes the deadlines for the start of activities of the Long-Term Social Security Public Manager (the Manager), we remind our clients of the following:

– Collection of contributions corresponding to the period of april/2023 is carried out by the Manager as of May 2, 2023.

– Until May 12, 2023, the AFPs will receive the filings submitted by the Insured and Beneficiaries of the SIP (Integral Pension System).

– As of June/2023, the Manager will make the payment of Benefits to holders and beneficiaries who are receiving pensions in the process of payment in the AFPs.

– Employers, Independent Workers and Consultants in general, must take the corresponding precautions in order to register with the Manager and obtain their credentials and passwords to proceed with the payments of the mandatory contributions of their workers, at the website: and carry out the process virtually.

– The requirements for employer registration are the following:

  • Color CI of the Legal Representative
  • Photocopy of the Tax Identification Number – NIT
  • Photocopy of the Tax Identification Number – NIT certificate
  • Photocopy of Commercial Registry – Seprec
  • Location of the entity
  • Photocopy of the Power of Attorney of the Legal Representative